wfmt ad for Canis Sapiens, times for outdoor classes

Walking your dog is a great way to celebrate May Day –

unless your dog – who has perfect indoor manners –

turns into a pulling, barking, snarling-at-toddlers,

rushing-at-squirrels maniac once you’re outside.

If your dog’s outdoor manners need fine tuning and

you’d love a great walking partner, consider taking one of

Cānis Sapiens’ [KAY-nis  SAY-pee-enz] outdoor classes.

We work outside so that you and your dog can polish

your new skills where you plan to use them:  outside.

For details, call   7 7 3 – 9 1 3 – 20 30 or visit [canis sapiens dot com];

spelled C A N I S  S A P I E N S.

Just imagine yourself having a great walk with your well-behaved dog.

Are you wondering what that interesting bird is, or that beautiful plant?


Find out at’s [pass it on chicago dot coms] daily spring log.

Remember:  The ‘Nature General’ says nature walks can boost your ability

to think creatively while improving your mood and health.

Sponsored by [pass it on chicago dot com].

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outdoor manners class– Sunday at 11 am,  we meet behind Science and Industry Museum

introduction to reward based training  Saturday at 1:30, 50th and Dorchester

For more info:   email:  or call   773 913 2030 x3

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