Monarchs sighted! and nature walks/moon watch info


All photos were taken during the past two weeks in Chicago (Hyde Park).

Nature walks-  Tuesday, the 19th of July –9:30 am and 6 pm.  Both walks will meet at the parking lot on the south side of the street near the intersection of 63rd (Hayes) and Lake Shore Drive. If you are driving south on Lake Shore Drive, turn right on Hayes (63rd) and then park on the road or turn right  into the parking lot.  Call if you can’t find us:  773 502-3159.

Moon watch — Tuesday night,  July 19th — meet at the lake near the Field House on the Point at 7:45 for an 8:02 moonrise.  Wednesday night, July 20th– meet at the lake near the Field House at 8:30 for an 8:45 moonrise. There is a parking lot and an underpass at 55th and Lake Shore Drive.


male monarch butterfly


monarch butterfly on common milkweed


song sparrow after a shower


male common yellowthroat warbler


Some juvenile great blue herons have arrived and can be seen from bobolink meadow path.  Fingers crossed the lagoons have enough fish in them so that we will be able to enjoy seeing these herons for a while


At least someone is enjoying the Osaka Garden this summer


rattlesnake master


common mullen


young pods on honey locust


Need help identifying this culprit that is damaging a number of plants in our community but especially magnolia trees


and oak trees


although it is also damaging some herbaceous plants like cup plant and this nightshade


red-spotted purple butterfly eating mulberries


red admiral on coneflower


eastern black swallowtail butterfly


cicada killer wasp on queen anne’s lace– I saw this wasp a few days after I heard the cicadas for the first time this year


Ailanthus webworm moth and a couple of milkweed beetles


A Japanese beetle on Queen Anne’s lace:  Queen Anne’s lace usually has a few burgundy flowers in the center.   Lots of Japanese beetles around this year. They feed on 300 different plants but are especially fond of vines including grapes and Virginia creepers.


Plant with extensive damage from Japanese beetles


creeping bellflower


female widow skimmer dragonfly


male common green darner dragonfly — one of our dragonflies that migrates south in the fall


4 comments on “Monarchs sighted! and nature walks/moon watch info

  1. I admire your ability to find the birds and insects and flowers but more importantly to capture them in pictures I had tried to capture a picture of a butterfly with my iPhone but it was too fast for me. Thank you for identifying the type of bird or plant. Thank you thank you!

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