Four years of photos taken on the moon watch on the Point-next moon watch tomorrow night, meet at 7:45, moon rise at 7:59. See below for nature walk info.

These moon rise photos were taken on our monthly moon watch/nature walks in Hyde Park (Chicago).

Nature walk-   Meet at 6:15 pm  at golf range driving parking lot.  If driving south on LSD, exit to the right at 63rd Street (Hayes) and take the first right turn  into the parking lot.  Drive through the parking lot until you get to the golf range building and park there.

Meet at the Fieldhouse on the  Point at 7:45 for the 7:59 moonrise.  The underpass to the Point is at 55th and LSD.  There is also a parking lot there.



Sometimes the moon comes up circular with smooth edges- it is often pink to red if it rises close to an hour after sunset.  This happens on night after the full moon. I call it the 2nd full moon night.


We go out summer and winter


When the moon rises, the rabbit ears are pointing to around 1:00 on a clock face


When the moon sets, the rabbit years are pointing to around 4:00 on the clock face


On the 2nd full moon night, the moon sets a while after sun rises so you can see it  clearly if you are up before the sun lights up the sky and the sky is at least partially clear in the right places.


Sometime the moon doesn’t appear to be circular and the edges don’t look smooth  when it rises. This is called a moon mirage.



The moon in the photo above changed into this moon. This is called an omega moon or an etruscan vase moon. See link to article explaining this below.  Sometimes the explanations of this phenomenon appear to contradict each other but we Hyde Parkers are used to that.


We’ve seen a number of these moon mirages from the Point



Moon appears squashed.  


We’ve only seen this squashed moon once but the only reference I found on the web talked about an astronaut seeing a setting moon doing this in space. 

Squishy moonrise seen from space!

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