Nature walk tomorrow at 9:30 am/ first meeting of tree lover group at 11 am

Nature walk-   Meet October 30th at 9:30 am at golf range driving parking lot.  If driving south on LSD, exit to the right at 63rd Street (Hayes) and take the first right turn  into the parking lot.  Drive through the parking lot until you get to the golf range building and park there.

Tree lover group meets at 11 am in Osaka Garden



It is  best time of year to catch a sunrise!   This photo was taken at 63rd Street beach this morning. Arrive 15 minutes before sunrise on a partly cloudy day for your best shot at catching a very beautiful sunrise.    This week, the last week before daylight savings time begins, you just have to arrive about 10 minutes after 7 am.   Starting next Sunday you’ll have to get there about 10 minutes after 6 am.  You’ll have another shot at relatively late sunrises around December 21 but the weather might not be as nice.


Concerned about our local trees?  Everyone is invited to attend a new tree lovers group.  We will meet after the nature walk at 11 am  Sunday October 30 in the Osaka Garden.   You can get to the Osaka Garden by walking over the south bridge (parking lot at 63rd and Cornell).  You will need to walk through wooded island to get to the garden.  You can also park on Stony Island and then walk over the north bridge (Nancy Hays bridge) to get to the garden.


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