Nature walk/Supermoon watch tonight (rain date, Sunday July 13)

Meet at east door of Science and Industry Museum tonight at 6:30 pm.  Meet at the Fieldhouse on the Point at 8:15 pm for 8:26 moonrise.  Hope to see you there. Rain date, Sunday 6:30 pm for walk,  9 pm for moonrise at 9:10 pm)

None of these photos, except the rainbow ring around the sun, were taken in Hyde Park.  All of these birds can be seen in Jackson Park.

This is a courting display.  I’ve seen a more dramatic version of this head bob but this guy gets extra points for displaying during a strong wind.  This call has been described as sounding like a rusty pump handle.

fledgling blue jay begging

blue jay fledgling

hungry blue jay fledgling

photo 1

“To see a Sun or Moon Halo…you need high, thin cirrus clouds which are usually at altitudes above 20,000 feet. These high altitude cirrus clouds are mostly made of ice crystals which refract the sunlight much like a prism will.  Your typical rainbow is seen as a partial circle or arc. Rainbows are round but the ground prevents you from seeing the full rainbow unless you are high above it…or below it like today.” parphased from Boston weather man


Eastern Towhee singing “drink your tea”



fledgling baltimore oriole (3 photos)  The Jackson Park orioles have fledged too but I saw an oriole sitting on her nest today so we may get a second batch of fledglings.

IMG_1272    IMG_1275  IMG_1161

cedar waxwing

Sunday nature walks at 12:30 – WILL RESUME IN SPRING

No More 12:30pm Nature on Sundays for the Winter!  See you in Spring!

Enjoy nature your way!
Free of charge  and good for all ages
12:30 pm  on Sundays  starting August 4 through Sunday September 15
Just bring yourself and soak up some beauty OR
Bring your own art supplies to sketch a flower
or a  caterpillar or a landscape OR
Learn how to use a “plant key”  to identify the things
you see or… enjoy nature your way!
Bring binoculars if you’ve got them, bring your eyes if you don’t
Meet at the East entrance of Museum of Science and Industry
Museum  (Space Center and Omnimax Door)
Call for more info:  773 913 2030×3

Photo: Killdeer chick growing up in a Home Depot parking lot in Chicago

Spring 2013: Baby birds

All photos taken in Jackson Park unless noted


fledgling starling- easy birds to see around many Chicago neighborhoods. You can hear the noisy babies in their nests  and they continue to be noisy after they begin to fly so you can see and hear them flying after their parents,  photo taken 5/26/10


first year starling starting to get adult plumage, photo taken 7/31/10


fledgling red-winged blackbird, photo taken 7/28/10


fledgling red-winged blackbird


fledgling oriole, photo taken 6/29/10


purple martin fledgling, photo taken 5/24/13


fledgling robin, photo taken 7/24/10


fledgling robin, photo taken in Palos, IL on 5/31/13


fledgling common grackle, photo taken on 6/9/12


photo taken on 5/13/11


Canada goose with goslings, photo taken 5/9/13


mallard duck with ducklings at Cornell Park on 6/8/11


photo taken 6/5/13


photo taken 6/5/13


mallard duckling, photo taken 6/11/10

duckling is lost and calls for mother, mother duck answers.  Movie is not high quality but sound track makes a nice ring tone (leave a comment if you would like me to send you an m4r file), video filmed 8/17/10


fledgling crow being fed- see video below, photos and video taken 6/4/13

Image 1

fledgling crow being fed-see video below

Image 3

Image 2

Spring 2013: Rainy day in Jackson Park


Song sparrow


small lake forms in the meadow– so nice to have rain after the drought


Mallard duck takes up residence in new lake


Black-crowned night heron sleeping through the rain.  Relaxed birds often stand on one foot.


A mallard couple relaxing on a sunnier day

Song sparrow singing, catching a bug, and continuing to sing in the rain.  Sorry for the uneven filming, a dog I was holding on a leash ran off while I was taping but I kept that part in because I liked seeing  the song sparrow grab the bug even though it is blurry.  Sorry too, about the rain drops on the camera lens.

Just love to see the water rushing over the weir after living through last year’s drought.

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