snowy owl back on 63rd Street Pier Sunday–we’ll check out the pier on Tuesday’s nature walk

On December 17th, we will meet at 3:30 pm for a Free Guided Nature Walk.  We meet at the east door (Space Center) of the Science and Industry Museum .  We will use a spotting scope to look at the winter ducks in the 59th Street Harbor and the Lake (63rd and Hayes, where we will hopefully spot the owl).  We will then drive over to the Point for the 5 pm moonrise. 
The meters are expensive if you park right by the East entrance. It is cheaper ($1 an hour) if you turn left into the parking lot. Parking is free if once you are in the parking lot, you drive south past the boats, over the stone bridge and park near the tennis courts. Hope to see you there!   FREE EVENT.  For more information go to or call 773-913-2030×3.   Children welcome. Check here if rain date is needed and  Call if you can’t find us: 773-913-2030×3.

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2014 Hyde Park Wildlife Calendar is now available

You can buy it at Hyde Park Produce, 55th and Cornell or online at

All photos were taken in Hyde Park

Here is a preview of the photos included:


01 IMG_0558 crop

02 IMG_9307_2 crop


04 IMG_9956_2 crop and color


IMG_1290 very close

This photo was taken on the June nature walk

07 IMG_1339_2 alt plus



IMG_0202 alt

This is the black-crowned night heron who hung around in the Osaka Garden all summer

11 IMG_8095 levels

12 IMG_8905 crop

December 1st nature walk and peregrine falcon

Best part of nature walk was a glorious sunset.  Worst part was one of our participants got a prickly pear cactus spine in his foot.  Our local cactus has lovely flowers but nasty spines! The snowy owl and the snow buntings were not seen but we did see a horned grebe, some scaup  and a red-breasted merganser using a spotting scope. The peregrine falcon was at 63rd Street beach the morning after the nature walk.



our local cactus– prickly pear


prickly pear flower


peregrine falcon at 63rd Street Beach




and our little white duck (an unusual mallard duck) that we often saw on the summer nature walks was spotted in Jackson Park near the 59th Street Harbor in early December.  It was good to see he was still around.  He was helping some crows and ring-billed gulls finish off a big bag of potato chips.


Snowy owl and snow bunting seen this morning– we’ll try to see them on the afternoon nature walk

Meet at 3 pm at the East Door (Space Center) of the Science and Industry Museum.Don’t pay to park as we will be driving to the outer harbor (63rd and Hayes) to see the winter ducks and hopefully the snowy owl and snow buntings.

If you don’t have a car, we will carpool to the the outer harbor.


IMG_2316  IMG_2310





Beautiful Winter Ducks- see them on next nature walk, December 1 at 3 pm

male hooded merganser

male hooded merganser

not a duck (but a beautiful winter bird we're likely to see on Nature Walk December 1st!)

not a duck, but a beautiful winter bird we’ll probably see on the nature walk, December 1


Canada Goose — Does the one on the left have a smaller body?  If so,  it could be a Lesser Canada Goose. There is one even smaller called a cackling goose.  It has the same pattern but it’s about the size of a mallard duck.


male common goldeneye


male common goldeneye


male buffleheads with one female bufflehead near sunset


male and female hooded merganser

male and female common goldeneye

male and female common goldeneye

common goldeneye male doing courtship display

common goldeneye male doing courtship display

common goldeneyes

common goldeneyes

male common goldeneye

male common goldeneye

male common goldeneye

male common goldeneye

male buffleheads

male buffleheads

male bufflehead

male bufflehead

american coot (not a duck)

american coot (not a duck)


male scaup

female scaup

female scaup

male red-breasted merganser

male red-breasted merganser

female red-breasted merganser

female red-breasted merganser

red-breasted merganser

red-breasted merganser


female hooded merganser

female hooded merganser

Lots of herons and almost grown ducklings

I took all these photos in the last couple of days at Jackson Park!
Our next nature walks are Sunday August 4 at 12:30 pm or Tuesday August 6 at 6:30. Meet at the east door of the Science and Industry Museum (Space Center and Ominmax Entrance)    Come join us!


green heron


green heron


fledgling green heron


close-up of same fledgling green heron


mallard with green heron


mallard  ducklings (almost grown-up)


great blue heron


close-up of great blue heron


fledgling black-crowned night heron  (checking me out)


close-up of fledgling black-crowned night heron


overexposed photo shows you the normal neck length of fledgling black-crowned night heron are in different positions


black-crowned night heron


great blue heron– again interesting to see how different herons can look when their necks are


great blue heron

Sunday nature walks at 12:30 – WILL RESUME IN SPRING

No More 12:30pm Nature on Sundays for the Winter!  See you in Spring!

Enjoy nature your way!
Free of charge  and good for all ages
12:30 pm  on Sundays  starting August 4 through Sunday September 15
Just bring yourself and soak up some beauty OR
Bring your own art supplies to sketch a flower
or a  caterpillar or a landscape OR
Learn how to use a “plant key”  to identify the things
you see or… enjoy nature your way!
Bring binoculars if you’ve got them, bring your eyes if you don’t
Meet at the East entrance of Museum of Science and Industry
Museum  (Space Center and Omnimax Door)
Call for more info:  773 913 2030×3

Photo: Killdeer chick growing up in a Home Depot parking lot in Chicago